Why learn French?

There are several languages practised in different parts of the world with English being the common one amongst all. All this languages make it easier for people to communicate amongst each other. The other common language practised almost everywhere in the world is the French language.Originally a language from France ,the French language has gained much popularity in many countries and is still being taught with many yearning to familiarize with it .Research has proven to show that the French language acts as a common language in over 77 governments in the world .These countries include Switzerland ,Belgium,Canada and some Islands as well thus making it most popular after the English language .Below are some reasons why one should study French as an additional language

Job reasons

With the popularity of the French language in the world ,studying the French language puts you higher on the job search list. Studying French guarantees a learner a variety of job titles to choose from inclusive of tour guides jobs, government advocates, French language interpreters as well as teachers which pay well thus earning one a good source of livelihood in return.

The extent of its usage

Due to the popularity if the French language, many countries are now practising it .Consider a situation where one has to travel to a foreign country for vacation say an Island far from the town noises and the daily hustles. With a good grasp of the French language, an Island like Seychelles could be at.the top of the list. Seychelles is an small Island that practises French as the national language thus with the french.lsngusge knowledge this counts as a pro on your side.

The ease in speaking

As easy as it is to pronounce words in English, so it is in French as well .Apart from the period it will take one to grasp the language properly and speak it fluently as well as understand it, French speaking is just easy to pronounce the words and hold a conversation with another party as well.

The romantic side

Paris is considered as the land of love by any couple that has tried visiting the place and so is the language itself .Learning French has its seductive side in as much as for the formal reasons too.The ease in the usage of the language makes it a common factor as people try to learn the language even if it is just for the honey moon intention of visiting a French speaking country .Fact is ,everything sounds better in French. Learn more at www.talkinfrench.com

To get additional info, visit – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_France


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